Arrott was born in Houston and raised in College Station, Texas. A graduate of Texas A&M University, he double-majored in Renewable Natural Resources and Forestry. During his college career, he sought out creative ways to save money—including living in a garage without A/C or insulation (his 7 roommates claimed the good rooms). This same passion for saving money contributed a path that led to eventually roasting his own coffee at home rather than paying a cup at time at the local college café. However, it was that worthwhile experience at Harvest Coffee Bar that got his foot in the door with specialty coffee. In 2017, he began his own home-roasting business, “Dirt Pour Coffee Company, LLC” which he owned and operated for 3 years. During the course of those 3 years, Arrott learned how much he had to learn–in 1lb batches at a time. Ultimately, his passion for roasting was sparked on a screened-in porch in Aggieland. There, Dirt Pour Coffee was, at first, nothing more than extra income for a full-time student. Now, calling the Wet Mountain Valley their home, Arrott and his wife Naomi are doing what they love with the people they love all “unto the Lord”.

One of the primary reasons Arrott fell in love with specialty coffee was for its ability to create organic relationship. In John chapter 21, Jesus returns to His disciples from Heaven and one of the first things he says is “Jesus said to them, “Come and have breakfast.” None of the disciples dared ask him, “Who are you?” They knew it was the Lord”. It is Arrott’s belief that relationship is built over shared experience. He would like to believe Jesus would minister with breakfast meet-ups, one cup of coffee at a time if He were physically here today. Coffee represents a great shared experience. It is an absolute joy of Arrott’s to contribute to morning routines in homes across America. His hope is that the passion he holds for roasting translates to every single cup of coffee you make and that those cups contribute to meaningful dialogue, relationship, and memories.