Our Story

Our story, like most, has taken us to places we never dreamed and produced a passion to bring the best wherever we go.

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Serving the best coffee to the Wet Mountain Valley and beyond…

Peregrine Coffee Roasters began in Kathmandu, Nepal in 2016, where our family served a small coffee roaster and became like family with the locals. We learned first hand that we can make a difference in people’s lives through coffee. Now, Peregrine makes its nest in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Colorado seeking to source and roast the best coffee while still making this same difference stateside and overseas.

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Our Promise to You

Before the coffee even makes it into your cup, we believe the process is important. Here is what you can count on at Peregrine.


Strict Sourcing

Amazing coffees picked with scrutiny.


Direct Trade

We, or someone we trust has visited the farms we source from.


Precision Roasting

Meticulous, devoted attention given to the nuance of every coffee.



Count on our coffees to consistently “wow” you.

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The Journey to Roasting Incredible Coffees

After perusing the specialty coffee industry for many years and coming away disappointed with many roasters’ products, I knew that I did not want to become a specialty roaster by name aloneI wanted a product that consistently wowed someone. I desired something that my customers could trust every time. I therefore pursued Scott Rao, author of Coffee Roasters Companion, and underwent several consultations to learn what makes or breaks a roaster. This was a game changer. We started small on my little 5lb roaster, and have just recently graduated to a San Fransiscan 10lb roaster. We cup often to ensure our coffees aren’t missing the mark and are very proud of what we offer. Our journey of learning will continue, but at Peregrine, we have done the hard work to ensure that our coffee is above the status quo and can compete with the big-name roasters you are familiar with. 

Meet the Roaster…

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Stephen Holmes

Fifteen years ago I began my coffee career at Starbucks. Due to my passion for coffee, I was chosen to become the Coffee Master (Black Apron) for the store. For three years I worked in this capacity learning what I could about coffee. But I always felt something was lacking. Upon leaving Starbucks, I discovered the world of “specialty coffee,” learning there was a vast world of coffee I had not known about. I quickly began trying coffee from the few small-batch roasters I could find at that time, experimenting with different coffee extraction methods and roasting on a small drum machine. My results were terrible, but I kept pushing into it.

A marriage and two kids later, this passion collided with our true calling to serve Jesus and the Gospel as we took an opportunity to manage a small cafe in Kathmandu, Nepal, just after the great earthquake in 2015. This is where I began roasting on a larger scale with four Nepali brothers. During this time I also learned firsthand the complexities involved in growing high-quality green coffee and the need to develop good milling practices to produce a top-notch product. To our sheer joy, before we left Nepal, we cupped a Nepali coffee at 82 points!

Upon returning to the states in 2017, I knew that our experiences could help us start a family-run coffee business in the mountains of Colorado that served the purposes we stand for. Peregrine Coffee Roasters (formerly Crestone Coffee Co.) has become just that—dedicated to creating craft coffee that serves our family, the community, and missionaries around the world. All of our coffee is meticulously sourced and carefully roasted. And twenty percent of every whole bean sale goes directly to missionary families like ours.

From farm to cup, our business is about more than just good coffee. It’s about building tangible relationships, serving others, and crafting a coffee that excites you to drink it. That’s what Peregrine stands for, and this is the journey we are devoted to.

From our family to yours,
Stephen, Susann, Shiloh, Salem, Zion, and Havah Holmes


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