Cupping Notes
Some time ago, we began letting our Peregrine customers in on a story illustrating just how good our decaf coffee was.

Long story short… During our weekly cupping (or tasting) and among a crowded table of different coffees, we were completely mind-blown by the fact that we couldn’t pick out the usually obvious decaf. Decafs are notorious for being “less than” when compared to caffeinated coffees (at least flavor-wise).

However, our decaf at the time (Colombia Huila) completely re-wired our way of thinking. We discovered that good decafs wouldn’t just get you by, but they could be quite enjoyable!

Well, this same story played out again for us with a new round of decafs.

With our pick-of-the-lot on decafs from Anthem Coffee Imports, we landed on this expectation-defying decaf from Brazil.

Brazil Fazenda Canaan (BFC) was bursting with levels of flavor rarely seen in a decaf. Peanut butter, raisin, and caramel notes came through extremely clear.

Alongside samples of high-scoring caffeinated coffees, this decaf actually outperformed most of them. We were totally shocked that the peanut butter-caramel bomb-of-a-coffee was a decaf. The raisin sweetness was totally unexpected (as decafs can be savory) as well.

This Brazilian decaf will compete with the best of them. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.