Burundi Nyankurazo


Roast: Light
Region: Nyankurazo Community, Ngozi Province
Farm: Grown on smallholder farms near Nyankurazo, processed at Nkanda Washing Station
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1,700-1,900m
Variety: Red Bourbon
Cup: Pineapple Juice, Cola, Oatmeal Cookie

coffee cupping

Cupping Notes

This coffee is so fun for us!

The wait is over and Burundi is here! This summer, we're pleased to bring our customers four different coffees from Burundi.

Burundi Nyankurazo is a wonderful washed coffee. It's fruity and vibrant and everything we love about African coffees.

Pineapple Juice. The first note upfront is tart and juicy pineapple. The citric acid present here is really nice and gives this cup a tropical profile.

Cola. Adding to the refreshing nature of this coffee, you're granted a sweet, syrupy cup that's reminiscent of cola.

Oatmeal Cookie. The sweetness, paired with spices (also present in cola, I might add) reminded us of fresh-baked oatmeal cookies. There's a delicious blend of spices here like nutmeg, cinnamon, and sugar.

Guatemala Coffee Farm

Farming Notes

Burundi is back at Peregrine, thanks again to our partners at Homage Coffee Source in Dallas. We want to give special thanks specifically to Jake Smith and his direct trade connections in East Africa. This is our third year working with him and his team to provide excellent coffees from the producers in Burundi.

Burundi Nyankurazo is named after the community in Ngozi (part of Northern Burundi, near the border with Rwanda) where this coffee is grown by several small farmers. “Ngozi,” meaning “blessing” in the Kirundi language, has certainly been a blessing to the farmers who produce coffee there.

As I have mentioned with coffees from Burundi in the past, because of how geographically small Burundi is, it is the most coffee-dependent country in the world (as a percentage of its total GDP). We are so happy to have a relationship with the farmers in Burundi that is full of mutual blessings. Thanks to Jake and his team at Homage, we are able to pay well above the industry standard price for their coffees.

We are really happy to have another coffee specifically from Pierre Nzeyimana and his three sons. You may recognize his name as we have purchased coffees from him and his sons several times now. Pierre is actually responsible for what may be my (Arrott’s)  favorite coffee Peregrine has ever produced—our Burundi natural from 2020.

We hope to keep buying what he produces year after year because of its impeccable quality.