Cupping Notes

This coffee is CRAZY GOOD! However, that’s no surprise. . . We’ve come to expect nothing but the best from Pierre Nzeyimana and his sons in Burundi.

Last year, Pierre’s crop on this natural-processed coffee had the most overt blueberry note Stephen and I had ever tasted. This year, that blueberry note remains, but is surrounded by much more complexity in the cup.

This coffee is a first for both of us! We have never had a coffee that has both the distinct cooling effect and taste of mint. Pairing that minty flavor with the deep chocolate notes, we couldn’t help but think “Andes Mint” or “Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream”!

In addition to the unique mint notes, this coffee is reminiscent of a s’more. Chocolate, creamy marshmallow, and graham cracker notes are never too far away from your mind as you drink a cup of this Burundi natural.

Drinking a cup, you may realize the extremely silky mouthfeel of this coffee. It’s the first thing we noticed and it definitely contributed to the overall “creamy” impressions of this coffee. We can likely attribute that to this coffee being chock-full of lactic acid.