Cupping Notes

We absolutely love this decaf from Colombia!

Loving our previous Brazilian decaf the way we did, it felt as though nothing could replace it. We were proven wrong.

In a blind cupping, this Colombian decaf was the clear winner over the Brazilian.

When compared side-by-side, this new decaf tastes juicier, far sweeter and closer to “the real deal” as some would say. 

Potentially, this is explained through the difference in processing. This Colombian decaf underwent a treatment referred to as the “sugar cane process.” (More on this in the Farming Notes below.)

The first thing you will taste when having a cup of this decaf is a distinctly nutty and savory flavor. We think it presents as a pecan note. We were reminded of butter pecan ice cream when the creamy mouthfeel was paired alongside it.

The overwhelming sense of buttery and sweet notes also led us to taste toffee. Toffee is usually created by caramelizing sugar and adding in butter, so it made perfect sense to us!

We think you’ll enjoy this remarkably unique decaf as espresso in our shop or as a cup at home. Give it a try!