Cupping Notes
Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate (and a little bit of cherry too)! This coffee is delicious. After trial-and-error at the roaster, we were able to settle on a roast profile for this coffee—and we think we have a winner! While the dry fragrance is relatively unassuming, wetting the grounds lets you know something delicious is brewing below the surface. With the distinct chocolaty and nutty flavors of this Colombian coffee, hazelnut was a clear landing spot for Stephen and me. A cup of this coffee definitely reminds you of a spoonful of Nutella. However, the standout notes of this Colombian are definitely the pure chocolate and cherry. This is by far one of the most intense chocolate flavors I have ever tasted in a coffee. It’s no surprise that it would come out of Colombia. As your cup cools, taste for cherry sweetness as well. I promise it’s not going to be subtle (and thank God, because I love cherry). That crystal-clear cherry flavor pairs incredibly well with the chocolate, as you may have already assumed. I absolutely love this combination in a coffee! - Arrott