Cupping Notes

Introducing, Red Honey—a brand-new Peregrine special offering. This coffee is one we are absolutely buzzing about. Sorry, we couldn’t resist the pun!

Red Honey gets its name from two things.

  • “Red” refers to the name of the coffee variety Red Caturra.
  • “Honey” refers to the honey process that this coffee underwent at the farm. It is a form of the natural process where the exterior of the coffee berry is removed, and then the beans are left to dry with some mucilage still attached.

To date, Red Honey is perhaps one of the most delicious and dynamic coffees we have ever sourced. Although you need to taste it to believe it, let’s break it down into words for now...

Here's what we are tasting:

Honeysuckle. Stephen has fond memories of honeysuckle flowers from Texas. He very quickly identified the delicate floral notes in this cup to be that of honeysuckle. You will especially find this present in a pour over!

Chocolate Churro. The ever-present deep chocolate note you can find in most Colombian coffees is here. However, we also tasted quite a bit of spicy complexity. Determining it to be cinnamon, chocolate-covered churros was a natural conclusion!

Apple Butter. In deciphering this note, Arrott initially tasted something resembling hot apple cider, often referred to as German wassail during Christmastime in Texas. However, the oily mouthfeel led Stephen and Arrott to conclude with apple butter.

We've never had anything quite like Red Honey. . . and we could not be any more pleased with the results in roasting.

We hope you enjoy this delightful, limited-time special offering!