Cupping Notes
Dark Skies is a blend reminiscent of the community we live in here in Colorado. It’s a community of less than 5000, spread over 90 miles in a valley. This means very little light pollution, which in turn gives us Dark Skies. We can see the Milky Way on many nights, which is something our family does together regularly–sits outside at night to observe the stars.

This blend is the only set of coffees I take into second crack. Since roasting these days has steadily gravitated away from second crack, and for good reason, in my opinion, I still wanted to offer something to the customer who doesn’t quite appreciate lighter roasting yet. You could call this a good transition coffee because it will still taste like coffee, but you will also be able to recognize its quality.  It’s a blend of Honduras and Brazil, so it’s not going to have strange acidity that is unfamiliar to a normal coffee drinker. This coffee majors on the roasty notes many people desire in coffee and equate with “strength”, while having deep dark chocolate and wood tones, tiny hints of smoke and nuts, and will hold up to a good amount of milk being added for those milk lovers out there:) If you’re not ready to jump into the wild fruity side of coffees, jump into a bag of Dark Skies!