Ethiopia: Hada Molecha

Roast: Light-Medium
Region: Gedeo Zone, Aricha, Yirgacheffe
Farm: Smallholder Farmers
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1950-2100m
Variety: Local Landraces (Kurume, Dega, Wolisho 74110 & 74165)
Cup: Satsuma Orange, French Toast, Jasmine Soda

coffee cupping

Cupping Notes

Re-introducing Peregrine Special Offerings--now in a brand new form!

To better serve customers, we have begun offering our high-dollar and most exquisite coffees in a newer sample size. This allows you to brew 3-4 cups of a coffee you may not have otherwise tried in our larger $30-40 bag form. We hope it is an easier, bite-sized way to indulge in the highest-scoring coffees we source.

With Hada Molecha, you can expect the best that Yirgacheffe has to offer.

Enjoy an invigorating and intricate cup characterized by its tea-like body and a delightful complexity that promises to engage your senses.

Farming Notes

This coffee from Hada Molecha (Lot 2) was exclusively secured with the help of our friends at Catalyst Trade.

For years, Catalyst has been among the best in the business with all things Ethiopian coffee. We are honored to work alongside them to secure both fair wages for producers and excellent coffees.

The Gedeo zone, renowned for its coffee cultivation, dedicates the majority of its land to growing these precious beans.

The local smallholders who contribute to Hada Molecha depend on the income from their coffee cherries to support their families, ensuring their children’s education and providing for basic necessities like clothing.