Cupping Notes
The grounds of this coffee smell tart and creamy. The fermented smell is appealing and sweet, like the smell of peach schnapps. While the first thing that hits your tongue registers pineapple, and we each had this thought individually without the other's knowledge, it fades to more of a caramelized pineapple flavor. There is discernible tartness, which is the citric acid at work satisfying all those who love this natural process coffee. However, there is no baggage of grassy or jasmine or bergamot oil in this coffee--it is all fruit and fun. As it cools, deeper chocolate tones arise; but the complexity does not fade and it is fantastic even completely cold. We cupped this coffee at an 87 in the shop, but some may think it tastes more like a 90-point coffee. We wouldn't fault you for this in the slightest!