Cupping Notes
Just like with a storied scotch or an expensive sports car, it takes a fine touch to get it right.

Through a thorough set of tests at the roaster, we have discovered the sky is the limit with our new favorite coffee from Wush Wush. 

Coffee from Ethiopia is famous and for good reason. It is among the best crop in the world. Grown at high elevation, and from the original species of the coffee plant, you have the same consistent level of quality you’d expect from a well-known vineyard.

When first taking a sip of this coffee, you are greeted with a familiar set of Ethiopian sweetness and fruit notes. Deep, dark, and boysenberry is the first thing we taste. The oily & thick mouthfeel of this coffee is extremely pleasant, giving it the sensation of a fruit preserve or jam.

Boysenberries are actually a cross of several berries (raspberry, blackberry, dewberry and loganberry—to be exact). We found our boysenberry conclusion to be dead-on when remembering there was intense debate over blackberry or raspberry being the culprit.

Just from smelling dry whole beans, you get a sense of the nuttiness of peanut butter and the sweetness of butterscotch. The oily mouthfeel also lends itself quite well to peanut butter.

Initially, from our very first roast, Stephen called dibs on a “Strawberry PB&J” note.

That “PB&J” eventually split into two notes: the “peanut butter” half and the “boysenberry jam” half.

We are extremely pleased that this coffee can provide such a delicious pairing.

Finally, our “butterscotch” note rounds things out. The smooth taste of molasses & buttery goodness adds a sweet yet deep finish to your cup of coffee.