Cupping Notes

This coffee is going to be a Peregrine legend. In some ways, it actually already is. . .

Let me explain.

A number of years ago, when Stephen was originally gaining interest in specialty coffee, he had a coffee that opened his eyes a little wider. That coffee was a natural-processed coffee from Ethiopia called Wote Konga. It was bursting with blueberry notes.

That coffee left an indelible impression on Stephen. To him, it became the Ethiopian natural that all others must be compared to.

Earlier this year, Stephen inquired (on a whim) of our partners at Mercon Specialty about such a coffee. He described the big blueberry notes he tasted all those years ago. He even remembered the name: “Wote Konga.” Would you believe they were helping source that same exact coffee all these years later?

It feels like fate.

Jump into our new favorite coffee with us.

Blueberry. This is the attention getter. For lovers of natural coffees, blueberry is one of the most desirable and sought-after flavors that you can have. How does one exactly describe a blueberry? I don’t know if I can! There’s a beautiful combo of gentle acidity and sweetness at play. I most associate blueberry with the Blue’s Clues fruit snacks of my childhood. Ah…sweet memories.

Peanut Butter Cup. There is a wonderful combination at present. In addition to the sweetness of the blueberry, there is quite a bit of nuttiness. Perhaps the only thing that could top blueberry (for me personally) would be peanut butter. It’s here. Sweet milk chocolate with the ever-so-savory flavor of rich and salty peanut butter.

Honeysuckle. Stephen has fond memories of honeysuckle flowers from his upbringing in Texas. He very quickly identified the delicate floral notes in this cup to be that of honeysuckle. You will especially find this present in a pour over! This delicate note finishes the cup nicely.

Taste this coffee today, and see for yourself why we think it’s a legend.