Guatemala Black Honey Microlot


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Roast: Light-Medium
Region: Santa Rosa
Farm: Pablo Chuy’s Farm, Linda Vista
Process: Black Honey
Elevation: 1,450m
Variety: Sarchimore, Pacas, Costa Rica
Cup: Brownie Batter, Salted Caramel, Grape Jam

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Cupping Notes

We are so excited to bring the Peregrine Family another special offering!

Some would consider Guatemalan coffee to be "boring" or even "one note" at times. We believe this characterization to be unfair. Guatemalan coffee should be more appropriately deemed "consistent.” It is consistent in its approachable flavor, low(er) levels of acidity, and availability in the worldwide coffee marketplace.

All that being said, we understand this common sentiment.  A standard, washed process Guatemalan coffee is often a dead giveaway at the cupping table. It’s not always an exciting origin for this reason; some may call it  "predictable.” If that’s what you’ve thought before, prepare to have your expectations absolutely defied.

Introducing: Guatemala Black Honey Microlot
Due to advances in coffee processing methods, coffees like Black Honey are becoming more and more common in Central and South America.

Compared to a natural process or a washed process (the two dominant types of processes), a honey process lands somewhere in between, striking a great balance. During the honey process, coffee is stripped of its outermost portions and left to dry in its "mucilage"—in my words, like a partial, halfway natural process. The result is a clean flavor with plenty of fruit sweetness.

Let's dive into what we're tasting.

Brownie Batter. There is an inescapable and distinct chocolate note present in this coffee (surprise!), but it is incredibly exciting to us. The chocolate note present is rich, fudgy, and almost salty like a brownie batter.
Salted Caramel. Playing off of that, it isn't too far out in left field when I mention salted caramel either. This coffee is pleasantly salty and sweet.
Grape Jam. In addition to being remarkably sweet, this coffee has a noticeably thick and oily body. We think the fruity sweetness most closely resembles grape and paired with the body, grape jam made the most sense to us.

Farming Notes

This truly unique offering was secured with the help of our friends at Mercon Specialty. Their work on the ground is invaluable when it comes to securing these unique coffees.

Pablo Chuy’s family has been farming coffee at the Linda Vista Estate for three generations now. Alongside his team (at times as large as 75 people), he grows many varieties of coffee, including Sarchimore, Pacas, and Costa Rica.

Chuy and Linda Vista are at the forefront of coffee innovation, while still being leaders in conservation and investment in their community. Being a producer who is working alongside Mercon, there is a great deal of giving back to local schools and even medical programs they have assisted with.

Linda Vista overlooks the volcanic crater lake Laguna de Ayarza in the Santa Rosa region of Guatemala. Because of this, it is set up beautifully to produce coffees worthy of the view.