Cupping Notes

Sure to be a winning combination, we believe this coffee has the potential to become just as iconic as its namesake. Similar to a drive down Hardscrabble, this 50/50 blend of Brazilian and Colombian coffee is an ever-winding and beautiful journey in your cup. It’s packed to the brim with notes of peanut butter, caramel, and chocolate—a real crowd-pleaser that will appeal to everyone. Using two of our espresso components, we have crafted something unique in its own right. 


Hardscrabble is 50% Organic Colombia Asoprocafees and 50% of the Brazilian coffee: “Sublime Sitio Baixadao.” 


Colombian component: You may recognize our Colombian coffee from popular coffees like Timberline, Colombia American Malt or Home Sweet Home. Being such an important coffee in our shop and wearing many hats, Colombian again makes a tasty statement by providing the excellent dark chocolate flavor for the Hardscrabble blend.

Brazilian component This “full natural” Sitio Baixadao has proven to be an awesome component! It is the driving force behind the peanut butter and caramel notes in this blend. It’s almost like a PayDay candy bar—no doubt the best Brazilian Stephen says he’s ever tried. Roasting Sitio Baixadao completely changed our previously held ideas about Brazilian coffee as a whole. In some ways, a Brazilian of this quality has been a white whale for us.