Cupping Notes
This blend of organic Guatemala Thomas Perdido and our Organic Colombian Asoprocafes from Traviesta combine to create a coffee that is surprisingly delicious. Distinct cocoa tones meld with a matrix of spices. There is a present acidity that makes the coffee dance on your tongue a bit and leaves you longing for the next sip. The spices intensify as the coffee cools, and lovely delicate peanut notes begin to emeerge. The body is viscous as well, which makes the peanut flavor seem more like peanut butter.  It's an approachable blend that will please the crowd and is sure to get even your Folgers-drinking friends to realize that there is something direly wrong with their coffee! We hope you consider giving this coffee to all of your coffee-drinking friends in support of this family. Cheers to our first adoption support mission!