Cupping Notes

As a celebration of 10,000 bags of Peregrine being sold, we bring you a coffee to celebrate with!

You've never had anything like it. We've never had anything like it. This coffee is absolutely BONKERS, guys! I have jokingly referred to it as "the champagne of coffees", and you'll soon see why. It is PURE LUXURY!

There will be a lot more emphasis on farming notes on this coffee due to its very unique processing, so make sure to check out that section below as well!

What we're tasting:

Rosé Champagne. This may be the most "wild" aspect of this coffee. There is a distinct fermented note in the aftertaste of this coffee, coupled with a phosphoric acid "sparkling" mouthfeel, that reminds us of wine. Stephen and I went back and forth over and over regarding exactly what wine note we were tasting. First, I asserted it was like a prosecco, then we landed on champagne. However, we felt "Rosé Champagne" most summarized what we tasted. It has a sparkling body, but flavors that are found in both red and white wines. Think pear, apple, and maybe even a bit of melon, but all the while, cherry, and red fruits. Since wines hold so many notes in themselves, there is a lot to taste!

Fig Jam. While being almost sparkling in the mouth, there is a distinct jamminess in your cup as well. We are big fig fans, so we often find ourselves landing there. When you're dealing with so many distinct winey, "dark" fruit flavors, you're pretty close to fig already. Add in a silky smooth mouthfeel and you're experiencing the sensation of a sweet fig jam.

Red Velvet Cake. As I said, this coffee is PURE LUXURY. What pairs better with champagne than red velvet cake? There is a delicious, chocolate finish in almost every cup of coffee from Nicaragua, and the Norwegian Yeast Natural is no exception to the rule. We thought this chocolate note, plus the sweetness and fermented flavors present in the cup, lent themselves perfectly to the cream cheese frosting and chocolate you might find in a slice of red velvet cake.