Cupping Notes
We originally picked up this coffee as an espresso component from Coffee Shrub. While it wasn't quite the component we were looking for in our espresso, we had the wild idea of blending it with a washed Ethiopian. Our first roast of this blend got our noses excited. Then we tasted it. Wow! This is a step above average blends and has even set a new bar for our in-house blending. The grounds have an intense fragrance that smells creamy and sweet, and while cupping, the break intensified in the aroma. This is when I really got excited. The flavors meld together in this coffee creating a sort of pecan, pralines, and cream flavor which is like drinking a black cup of ice cream. 'Nuff said. We will try and keep this blend around through the winter as a reliable go-to that reminds you of our mountain range here in Westcliffe. Enjoy!