Cupping Notes

To produce this coffee, an adventure ensued. For several years I have attempted to get a whiskey barrel from anyone who would sell me one. Wood's High Mountain Distillery in Salida, Colorado, said yes after one conversation! We finally got 60lbs of coffee through the little one-inch cork hole, then proceeded to roll the barrel around for 3 weeks, letting it soak in the whiskey and wood flavor. We took extra care when roasting as its moisture content was much higher. You could say it was a high-anxiety roast, knowing a lot was at stake.

Wood's then went one step further and supplied us with bottles for the coffee to go in. Our amazing design guy created an incredibly beautiful label, and ”Voila!”—you now have a deep-toned coffee with a big body and sweetness has along with whiskey notes right up front from a bottle! This is a novelty coffee, no doubt, and not for everyone. If you like whiskey, you will love it. If you like Sumatra coffee light-roasted, you might enjoy it; just know that you are really getting this for its novel character of whiskey tones. It's fun. It might be for the campsite, or it might be for the early morning jolt. Regardless, enjoy it with a friend!