Roast: Medium
Region: Brazil, Costa Rica, Nicaragua
Farms: LIFT Producers (Brazil), Tesoros Volcánicos (Costa Rica), Cabo Azul (Nicaragua)
Process: Natural (Brazil), Washed
Variety: Blend
Cup: Caramel, Date, Cinnamon

coffee cupping

Cupping Notes

Timberline (formerly Timberline Espresso) is Peregrine's flagship blend. It is a coffee we are so confident in, that we built our shop on it.

If you've ever come in for a delicious latte or cortado, you've had a taste of Timberline, which acts as our full-time house espresso. While checking that box, it maintains its status as a complex medium roast. This means it excels as a brewed drip coffee as well. In fact, in polling the Peregrine Crew, it is probably our favorite drip coffee to use at Peregrine.

Here's a bit more about Timberline:

Like emerging from the woods and rising above the tree line, Timberline is free of the baggage of "old-world" espresso, while still containing traditional components.

So, what makes perfect espresso? Well, the elusive nature of great espresso and the wide range of variables that affect what an espresso shot tastes like make perfection very complicated.

Our approach to roasting Timberline is notably modern—what we would call a medium or “Full City” roast—and it enhances milk-based drinks.

For each and every drink we make in our shop, we use a double shot (2oz) to best showcase coffee beans from the blend of origins. . . Brazil, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua.

This blend specializes in notes that are nutty and spicy while having plenty of chocolate and caramel sweetness as well. All the while, Timberline maintains a very balanced acidity.

As if it couldn't get any better, there is a persistent sweetness that we think can best be compared to the flavor of dates. This gives a double shot of our house espresso a nearly jam-like quality when it has cooled.

As previously mentioned, wrapping up both of these sensations with a big bow is a deep chocolate note. The recent addition of our coffee from Nicaragua added a great deal of chocolate.

We know you will enjoy our best-selling Timberline blend, as espresso or as brewed coffee. When it's this good, there's no wrong way to enjoy it!