Conner got his start in coffee after he tasted his first specialty cup back in 2015. Since he had his first craft cup, he strived to find the best local shops everywhere he traveled.

This familiar endeavor quickly turned into a love of Conner’s. . . so much that he decided to leave his job at the time to take the plunge into craft coffee. Since 2017, he has been striving to better his craft alongside the people in his community.

He’d be quick to tell you, his introduction wasn’t even in a specialty shop, as he actually worked at a drive-thru. Using his fundamentals he attained there, he was later able to work with a well-renowned shop in Dallas, TX. It was here that he truly came into his own with coffee. Come visit Conner and talk about his favorite subject any time he’s in. He thoroughly enjoys nerd-ing out over coffee and discussing the impact it has from the farmer to the barista. Conner loves craft coffee, but one of his favorite things about coffee is that it presents a way of getting to know people one cup at a time.