Cupping Notes
We LOVE being reunited with familiar coffees. We especially love when we get to compare a past year’s crop of coffee with a new year’s crop. You may recognize this coffee because it’s a coffee we roasted in 2020.

This year, Pierre Nzeyimana’s crop of his washed coffee is absolutely incredible. Just about every week we’ve roasted this coffee, it’s led the way at the cupping table.

There is an intense syrup-like sweetness in this year’s washed Burundi crop. That sweetness comes through with notes of smooth cherry. We were reminded of childhood trips to the movie theater where candy and cherry coke (or cherry ICEEs) were a staple.

Other flavors emerging from that first taste were milk chocolate and buttery flavors, which reminded us of a Butterfinger candy bar! Not being entirely sure what the filling of a Butterfinger is actually, we took a deep dive. After hours of thorough research, we were rewarded with an answer that confirmed what we were tasting. The “crispy crunchity” filling of a Butterfinger is one part peanut butter mixed with maple syrup and honey. This was great news, as we earlier referenced the delicious, syrupy taste that was present.

While many of those flavors sound quite heavy, there was a lot of clarity and freshness to be found. We think the refreshing flavor you will find in a fully cooled cup of this coffee is reminiscent of orange blossom. It has that “clean” tasting orange note that is almost floral in nature.