Cupping Notes
Wow! Stephen and I almost couldn’t believe how much we loved this coffee.

When we receive a new whiskey barrel from the fine folks at Wood’s High Mountain Distillery, we never know exactly what the end product is going to taste like. Whiskey, for sure. . . but what else? This go-round, we decided on whiskey-aging one of our espresso components. What we refer to as “OCA” would be that aforementioned component. Organic Colombia Asoprocafees, or “OCA”, ended up being the perfect fit. The result: Colombian American Malt.

Like the whiskey coffees that preceded it, this coffee lets you know you’re in for a treat from the second it hits those burrs in your grinder. The dry fragrance is incredible.

Unlike the whiskey coffees before, the Colombian American Malt plays to different notes and strengths entirely. I cannot rave enough about the flavor combinations. As a wannabe whiskey connoisseur, I almost jumped out of my chair when I tasted that first orange note. I was even more thrilled to eventually land on orange peel. Those familiar with old-fashioned cocktails will know that orange peel seems to be made for whiskey. Throw in some delicious vanilla high notes, and you’ve got a caffeinated old-fashioned in hand. Or, at least one that’s socially acceptable before noon!

This whiskey coffee brings an unrivaled clarity in-cup when on the table with our other whiskey coffees. The first time tasting it, I immediately texted Stephen the following: “The roast level seems perfect because those orange peel and whiskey flavors kind of take turns driving the metaphorical coffee boat.” That’s the best way I can put it. Rather than overpower the other notes, the whiskey flavors in Colombia American Malt seem to complement and highlight the orange peel and vanilla.

To put it plainly, I love this coffee and hopefully having read my assessment, you will too.