Cupping Notes
I made this coffee in an aeropress the day after I roasted it for the first time. I found distinct notes of pear in it but knew it was exactly what I was hoping for from this coffee. The next day we cupped it, and although one of my baristas landed on apple cider flavor, I was able to convince him it was more of a pear cider flavor due to the malic and citric acidity mix, which is distinct of pear. This coffee is so enjoyable, and while the dry grounds don't just blow your nose off with fragrance, the dense complexity of it once brewed is really wonderful. You'll notice that as it cools, the spices begin to meld with the pear. And if you swish it around in your mouth it's thick like pear cider, and the nutmeg becomes more noticeable. But then comes the surprise... once the coffee broods for a while to lukewarm, you can't help but notice that the citric acid now manifests itself as raspberry with chocolate undertones. It's like a jack in the box that fully opens up at the end. Coffee that pleasantly surprises! That's our motto:)