Cupping Notes

This is a truly exemplary Guatemalan coffee!

El Guayabo is a classic, drinkable coffee from Guatemala. It is the embodiment of smooth!

Out of all of the coffees in our lineup, this is the one we would recommend for the folks looking for a middle-of-the-road coffee. It is low in acidity and full of “inoffensive” notes (as we often say) that will be enjoyed by anyone.

After one sip of this coffee, you’ll be sold.

While having a traditional base of smooth chocolate notes, Guatemala El Guayabo expands upon this with notes we believe our customers will love.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch: El Guayabo adds a fair bit of excitement to its flavor profile by doing its darndest to emulate Cinnamon Toast Crunch. We initially detected the presence of spices and finally landed on cinnamon. This paired with its sweetness reminded us of a favorite cereal.

Cheese Danish: The body of this coffee was silky and on the thick side. Thus we felt it lent itself to the same flavor sensation of a buttery pastry. There was some pleasant tanginess present that reminded us of a cheese danish.

Salted Cashew: Like most coffees from the Americas, this coffee cannot escape two things: chocolate and nuts. You will find these notes, in some form, in just about every coffee from these regions. Specifically, in this coffee, the note is reminiscent of salted nuts. We found cashews to be the most appropriate descriptor.

With a slew of tasty notes to enhance your experience, we are confident you will enjoy the newest addition to our coffee lineup!