Cupping Notes
Maragogype 928 was essentially marketed to us as the “OREO coffee” by Cesar Gaitan. After some healthy skepticism towards the elusive flavors of an OREO cookie, we were completely knocked on our butts.

Lo and behold: The OREO coffee! 

This coffee is bursting with OREO flavor. A distinct chocolate cookie flavor lines your mouth with every sip of this coffee. That bold, distinct OREO chocolate cookie flavor is paired with the ever-popular crème-filling note. 

There is also an unmistakable presence of spices in a cup of Maragogype 928. We like to think that, paired with the sweetness, it resembles spiced caramel.

Later in your coffee journey, you will likely encounter strong, juicy notes reminiscent of a tart plum. This tart plum is an extremely pleasant flavor that really rounds out the cup and creates a more balanced experience from beginning to end.

This coffee is wonderfully delicious. . . and if OREO boasts the title of “America’s Favorite Cookie,” then maybe Maragogype can boast the title of “America’s Favorite Coffee.”