Cupping Notes
Nicaragua does it again!

Just one sip of this delicious Nicaraguan coffee, and you will be transported.

Taking center stage is a rich cocoa note. There is something so pleasant about pure, clean cocoa. It is deeper than a candy bar. . . it is natural, chocolatey goodness. Finding it here in Nicaraguan coffee is not a surprise, but it is done oh so well!

Pair cocoa with buttery toffee notes, and you’re in for a wonderful cup!

Although the chocolate found in Jairo and Fatima’s coffee is deeper and more pure than a chocolate candy bar, the combination of these two notes lends itself to a clear “connect point” of a Heath candy bar…but perhaps far richer than the traditional candy bar chocolate.

One thing that’s clear early on is that this coffee has multiple layers. It has enormous depth while not overwhelming you with unique notes—it’s seamless.

The presence of malic acid is awesome in this coffee. It boosts a thick and creamy mouthfeel, while also providing some sweetness. This is a huge takeaway from a cup of Jairo and Fatima’s coffee and contributes to that feeling of multiple layers.

Malic acid is also most often associated naturally with apples. Trying to narrow down which type of apple we tasted in this coffee, we asked ourselves, “Is this tart or sour like a Granny Smith apple? Bitter like a Red Delicious?” The answer to both questions was no. Eventually, it became obvious there is more of Gala apple taste here. It is less sour, acidic, or bitter and actually more subtly sweet!

Through the process of cupping this coffee, we found such complimentary notes. Oftentimes, cupping can be an exciting mismatch of flavors that are worthwhile on their own. Other times, you get what you have here. . . layers upon layers of flavors meant for each other like corresponding puzzle pieces.

We know you’re going to love this coffee from Jairo and Fatima!