Cupping Notes
There are coffees in the “coffee-verse” that eclipse other coffees in their prominence. In the Peruvian region, it had been an elusive task for us to find something that outshined others until this year…

Our cupping of Peru started with a set of 6 coffees. What ensued went something like this when we tasted them: “Good… Good… Ok… Good… All right…” and then “OH MY GOSH, WHAT IS THIS?!” That was Yolanda's coffee stealing the show from the others with glowing distinction.

“Silky” is the first thing that comes to mind when this coffee lands on the tongue. It is so silky that the texture is incredibly enjoyable, leaving a craving for that next sip. On the heels of deep silk is dense discernable sweetness that is more of a nutty sweetness than a fruity one, making it a shining black coffee. These two things interplay well with an added articulate bittering chocolate tone that offsets the sweetness just enough to make the overall flavor even more delightful. The flavors are melded together, which led us to land on nougat for a flavor note since nougat consists of sugar, honey and nuts. There are also complex spice and floral tones in the cup, but what rises to the surface above these is a pure vanilla flavor. While this coffee will satisfy those wanting a complex cup from Peru that surprises, this coffee doubles as a crowd pleaser that will leave every drinker very satisfied.