Cupping Notes
It’s back. . . and better than ever! Sangre Meadows has made its much-anticipated return!

We are loving this year’s version of Sangre Meadows. The blend adds a whole new level of complexity to the coffee you know and love.

This. Blend. Smells. Awesome.

From the moment you grind this coffee, you’ll be well aware of the incoming flavor bomb.

More prevalent than in many coffees we have tasted is the chocolate note. This blend is full of chocolate flavor. . . most akin to chocolate syrup (think Hershey’s syrup in your milk or on a sundae). The chocolatey, syrupy texture of this coffee is inescapable from beginning to end. You have the Colombian half of this blend to thank for that. Colombia Finca San José has gone down in our book as one of the most deeply chocolatey coffees we have ever tasted.

If you are able to take a deeper dive and use a more discerning (slower) sip, you will also detect quite a bit of pleasant creaminess and a flavor reminiscent of memories around the campfire. Yep. I’m talking about s’mores! The graham cracker flavor jumped out at us in this cup! The creamy mouthfeel, plus the ever-so-pleasant grainy graham cracker taste had us thinking about toasted marshmallows, chocolate bars, and nights spent around a campfire. Volcán Chingo (the other component to this blend) is known for bringing a unique repertoire of flavors to the cup (including cereal and ice cream), so it’s likely the source of the s’mores notes.

To top it all off, you’ve got an excellent cherry flavor to round out this well-balanced blend…and of course chocolate and creaminess, then a fruity finish. Finca San José is big on the cherry flavor, and it shows in Sangre Meadows yet again. Here, it presents in a candy-sweet flavor that reminded us of cherry Jolly Ranchers.

Overall, this blend is a winner. It has enough complexity to excite our veterans and enough familiarity to entice newcomers.