Cupping Notes
We are back with our brand-new take on whiskey coffee. . . and this time, it is bolder than ever!

Introducing. . . VOLCANO RYE!

Volcano rye might be the world’s very first natural, anaerobic, whiskey-aged coffee.

Here at Peregrine, we took our fan-favorite Guatemala Volcán Chingo coffee and threw it in a rye barrel for two weeks (thanks again to Wood’s High Mountain Distillery in Salida).

What was already known as a “wild” coffee has launched itself into a new level of wildness.

For those of you who slept through high school Spanish, volcán is Spanish for “volcano.” Now our exquisite bottle design (featuring an erupting volcano) is making a bit more sense!

Now, to the wild coffee. Our single-origin version of Guatemala Volcán Chingo is known for its unique flavors. There is not a day that goes by where a customer does not remark about the “Cap’n Crunch” note on our purple label. It is met with curiosity, and sometimes, a chuckle as well.

However, these unique flavors (especially for a Guatemalan coffee) are a product of both the natural and anaerobic processes the coffee undergoes. These processes boost fermented, fruity, and acidic flavors. Add two weeks in a whiskey barrel to its resumé, and you’ve got a wild coffee.

Bursting with dark, juicy berry flavor, we were reminded of blackberries. However, alongside that note, there was a familiar level of savoriness and “bread-like” flavor present as well. As we dove deeper into this note, we were led to “blackberry cobbler” by the buttery, bread-like, and sweet combination.

(Take a look at Volcán Chingo for an explanation of these flavors.)

Vanilla comes through in this coffee as well. We have noticed this trend with past whiskey coffees. The vanilla present in a glass of Wood’s rye makes its way into a cup of your coffee. This makes for a beautiful combination paired with blackberry cobbler.

Finally, you guessed it. . . it tastes like whiskey! With some iterations of our whiskey coffee in the past, people say this is all they can taste. If that’s true, we’re at least glad they’re tasting a quality, clean whiskey from our friends in Salida. It really is a whiskey worthy of our coffee.

We know you’ll love this dynamic take on whiskey-aged coffee.