Gift Subscription


Give the gift of coffee! Again. And Again. And Again.

Giving a gift subscription allows you to gift a variety of customizable subscriptions to a friend or family member.

With a vast array of origins, notes, quantities, and lengths of subscription, you can give the perfect subscription to the one you love!

Subscription Guide

Africa: Light-light/medium roasted fruity and sweet coffees including, but not limited to Ethiopia, Burundi, and Rwanda.

Americas: Light/medium to medium roast coffees from Central and South America that are usually big-bodied, chocolatey, nutty, and caramelly.

Dark: Blends of robust and full coffees with darker tones of charred sugar, roasted nuts, earth, and molasses.

Espresso: Includes Timberline our modern flagship espresso with traditional leanings, and our current single-origin espresso offering. Contact for details.

Roasters Choice: A mixed box of different coffees currently in stock and sometimes a special bonus of something not listed.